Company Introduction

For the past 10 years Beijing World Joy Technology Co., Ltd. (World Joy) has been committed to scientific and technological R&D and also create innovation in the fire rescue area. As a comprehensive scientific and technological entity it has been handling R&D, production, sales, training and relevant service.

Gunpowder is one of the 4 great inventions of ancient China which has assisted human beings to greatly enhance the ability to transform nature. Indeed, fireworks is a traditional Chinese folk culture: bright feelings are conveyed with fireworks as are good wishes. World Joy treasures new connotation and is therefore carrying forward the traditional culture. World Joy is located in Liuyang city of Hunan province which is the historic world-famous fireworks town. Led by Mr. Zeng Shaowen (founder and chairman), World Joy’s R&D team has for over 10 years worked tirelessly to resolve key problems. The team has successfully transformed World Joy from a traditional fireworks manufacturing enterprise into a scientific and technological innovative fire-fighting innovation enterprise.

Fire is the symbol of human civilization but it has also always threatened the safety of property and people's lives. The World Joy fire devices are applicable to all sectors including industries, agriculture, transportation, military and construction. The devices can be widely used for fire extinguishing in forests, grassland, oil fields, ports, mines, factories, warehouses, buildings as well as various means of transportation tools. World Joy’s products are easy to carry and also have the advantages of high fire extinguishing efficiency, safety, harmless, green and environmental protection.

World Joy has been continuously exploring and innovating anti-fire products and has also invested millions to improve production facilities and processes. Through thousands of tests it has developed a solid foundation of fire extinguishing technology in various fields and also built a modern, sophisticated and digital production base. To date, World Joy’s production base covers a total area of more than 666,667 sq.m. and rolls out daily more than 100,000 fire extinguisher devices. With safety, efficiency, green and recycling as its production goal World Joy has satisfied the mission of "safety and life first". In 2021 it obtained 38 PRC national patent certificates, numerous national and Hunan provincial science and technology awards as well as several EU CE and ISO certifications. Most importantly in 2022 it successfully passed China’s national technical inspection for fire protection products and obtained the technical appraisal certificate for the same.

Raised by traditional Chinese wisdom, World Joy adapts the independent, professional, scientific and innovative development path and is committed to serve all kinds of fire scenes at home. Led by Jesse Chang and Cissy Sheung World Joy will strive to become a comprehensive solution provider in the fire rescue field. It has contributed to the protection of human life and property assets, reducing greenhouse gas emissions for bio-diversity and the earth. World Joy is determined to march further ahead with the ambitious goal of creating a safe community initially in China and soon thereafter globally.

Environmental Protection Fire Extinguishing Solution
Existing ways of firefighting analysis

In response to fire protection requirements and the deficiencies of the current fire protection

World Joy has developed three types of new environmental protection fire extinguisher devices.

Product Specifications & Highlights
Our products are able to put out Class A fires that originate from ordinarily solid combustibles and also Class B fires that originate from flammable liquids. The fire device can be projected from a distance to keep the users away from the fire, smoke, hypoxia and explosions that may cause casualties.
Eco-friendly: Pyrotechnic agent in the fire device has a stable PH value of 6 to 7 which reaches the safety performance PH value of between 5 and 9 and thus will not ignite spontaneously under low/high temperature and humid conditions, not will it rekindle. Unlike extinguishers with a metal container for filling powder, the product shell is made from recycled paper which is degradable after the FED bursts. The dry powder filled in the product is ammonium phosphate, a fertilizer that is safe, environmentally friendly, non-pollutant and harmless to humans and animals. A cavity of the product is filled with ultrafine dry powder fire extinguishing agent, which has no ozone depletion potential, no greenhouse effect potential, no irritation to the human skin and respiratory tract and also no corrosion to protective substances (i.e. toxic and hazard free). Residues are easily cleanable after the fire has been extinguished and can thus be widely used in various production and living scenarios to extinguish fires of Classes A, B, and C and fires of live electrical equipment.

Portable: Distinguished from usual fire hydrants the FED is small, light and easy to carry, with no high pressure formed within the fire-resistant paper material container. Easy to use: The FED can be popped out a ring, pulled and then hurled . It is easy to use at sparsely populated areas such as mountains, forests and grassland. Flexible projection: The FED can be hurled by hand, dropped by aircraft or projected by ejector. It works better at large burning areas and high-rises. Effective: After being projected into the fire the FED world quickly douse and insulate the fire. Reliable: According to the national standard GB 19595-2004 Standards for Fireworks and Firecrackers Ignition Fuse, the safe ignition fuse is made as time-delay ignition fuse which can accurately controls the burst time of the product within 4 - 7 seconds. The FED quickly douses the fire and thereby avoids injuring humans and animals.
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